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Environmental consideration of new Shizuoka cenova

The use of well water

We use well water for lavation of restroom or sprinkling of planting.
In addition, we use to air conditioning of bus terminal platform and offer the cool to customer awaiting ride.

Adoption of LED light

We adopt LED light in restroom in traffic area, free passage and commercial facilities, each respectable person well,
We plan reduction of power consumption, reduction of air conditioner load.

Adoption of wall surface tree planting, roof tree planting

We set up roof tree planting to be effective in heat island effect relaxation, wall surface tree planting.
Other than energy saving, wall surface tree planting of 1F outward appearance contributes to roadside scenery direction.

Adoption of solar wind street light

We save wind power energy and solar energy in the daytime to battery,
We set up solar wind street light to use as night outdoor lighting.
Because wind-power generator supplements charge on day with a few droughts,
Charge more stable than case only for sunlight is possible.

Adoption of mist dispersion device

We installed mist dispersion device in point adjacent to mouth according to zelkova.
We can expect effect to lower temperature of mist area by approximately 2-3 degrees by setting.
In addition, visual effect of mist creates the cool.

Setting of battery charger for electric car

To cope with the spread of electric cars in new Shizuoka cenova,
We installed battery charger for electric car in the sixth-floor parking lot.
Battery charger which we installed adopts quick-charger in consideration of convenience of customer.
(indication of charge is approximately 45 minutes for 80% charge)

News of business hours
Restaurant (5F) from 11:00 to 23:00
Floor from 10:00 to 20:00 above the ground
B1 from 10:00 to 21:00

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