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Privacy Policy

1.Laws and ordinances, observance such as guidelines of relationships

"Laws about the use of number to distinguish authorized individual in administrative procedure" observe laws and ordinances concerned, and, in us, they perform the appropriate handling of personal information "law about protection of personal information".

2.Privacy Policy

We may ask customer about personal information for at the time of the purchase of product in us.

When it is as follows about the name, address, E-mail address, phone number that had customer input in this service, other personal information and uses only for purpose that we established and uses other than the purpose, we will have agreement of customer.

In addition, we do not do collection and the use of information more than use purposes when personal information corresponds to specific personal information.

1.We visit personal information of customer, and it is the following cases to use. In either case, we state that we need personal information clearly and hope that we have you provide for your intention.

(1)When we collect each service, credit such as delivery duties, inquiry or correspondence to offer this service

(2)When we offer product information and offer of product related information, all information in conjunction with other us (including the transmission of sending, E-mail of direct mail)

(3)Inquiry to us

3.About disclosure of personal information

We do not disclose registered personal information to third party without consent of customer in us. But, in any of the reason to establish as follows, we may disclose personal information of customer.

In addition, we may not disclose to third party when personal information corresponds to specific personal information.

(1)When we customize data in state that cannot identify customer individual as statistical data in us

(2)When we obtain consent from customer

※We keep under the rational regime so that third party does not mention personal information of customer about storage of information. In addition, personal information keeps during period to judge us to be necessary.

(3)When, for purpose of use that we told customer about, disclosure for business subcontractor is necessary (for this case, subcontractor concerned, we demand severe management of the personal information concerned and prevent you from performing use except purpose)

(4)When because it was revealed that customer did act to give disadvantage to us or other customers, we notify court, the police, other engines concerned and party concerned

(5)When we receive request with legal obligation from machinery of law or administration

(6)When, other than the above, disclosure is demanded based on laws and ordinances

4.About management of personal information

(1)We carry out severe security measures to prevent loss, misuse, modification of personal information under the management.

(2)Personal information keeps under the safe environment where general user cannot access.

(3)We judge that we are worth trust and may entrust company which entered into non-disclosure contract of personal information with privacy policy as a part of duties.

5.About inquiry, correction, deletion of personal information

When personal information of customer includes error and change, also, change adds immediately or deletes when there is proposal of deletion of personal information from customer.

6.Inquiry window

We cope with inquiry from the person about personal information adequately and quickly.

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About the use of site

Static iron property management (following, we) or the bond-issuing company manages website (less than, this site) of new Shizuoka cenova and runs. We hope that we have you read the following use condition carefully before using this site. We consider that we had you consent to this use condition after the use of this site was started. In addition, please confirm the latest contents as we may change this use condition without notice.

♦ Every personal information transmitted through privacy policy book site in website is dealt with according to privacy policy. As for the privacy policy, please see the above.

About reproduction of video

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Link policy

When you set link in this site, please contact us beforehand. Please inform of the name, address, phone number and e-mail address, URL of website becoming origin of link on this occasion. In addition, depending on case or link method that website contents of origin of link might harm our corporate image, I may decline link. When we set this site as link, we have origin of link specify that it is link to our website, and use of this site condition considers to have agreed to what is applied about the link cause concerned.

About trademark, copyright, other rights

We may perform change of contents and URL of this site, administration interruption of this site or cancellation without notice. We do not take responsibility for the damage to occur by the damage that we occurred by access, the use to this site, change of contents and URL of this site and administration interruption of this site or cancellation at all. Even if we link to this site, we do not guarantee the contents under our management about website of few third party and cannot take responsibility for any damage that occurred by the use. As such a site may acquire information of customer regardless of good will, malice originally, please be careful about the handling of information enough. We cannot take responsibility on software, hardware which we occurred in the case of the use about accident and obstacle at all either.

About the handling of cookies

In this site, we use Cookie in some pages. We send information that user looked at this site in computer of user from server of this site, and Cookie is function to return the information to server as needed, and we are doing this information with one of the factors to plan enhancement, improvement of this site.

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