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General guidance [facility, service]

To customer performed thing left behind, losing of

Thing left behind, lost article

Please refer for thing left behind, lost article in facility over telephone at the following.
New Shizuoka cenova disaster prevention center


We accept guidance in hall, summons of lost child, contract parking fee discount service, confirmation, custody of lost article, rental of stroller, wheelchair.

Locker…It is in front of 1F Shin-Shizuoka Station wicket

Locker (pay: 300 yen, 500 yen, 600 yen)

Cold storage locker…The B1 center escalator east side

We establish cold storage locker (day of 100 yen / limit).


SHIZUOKA BANK, safe, Shizuoka Shinkin Bank ・ for static Kiyonobu
We install SHIMIZU BANK combination branch office ATM.

Smoking room

Next the neighborhood of 2F east side restroom, 3F food court "cenova kitchen", 5F restroom,
Please use appointed smoking room on smoking.

AED (automated external defibrillator)

We install in 1F information, 3F, the 5F center escalator side, Shin-Shizuoka Station, the new Shizuoka bus information desk.

Public telephone

We install in the 5F west elevator side before 1F Shin-Shizuoka Station examination of tickets B1, ATM ago.

rurukapointogifuto ticket ticketing machine

We install in the 1F new Shizuoka bus information desk, B1 shizutetsu store before 5F shizutetsu cadre Luke card counter, the 3F center escalator side, 1F information.

ruruka IC CHARGE machine

It is installed three engines in 5F shizutetsu cadre Luke card counter, the 1F Shin-Shizuoka Station Platform 1 home wicket side, 1F new Shizuoka bus terminal.

The electric car charge stands…6F parking lot

We install electric car quick-charger in 6F parking lot (fee for use for free)


Wi-Fi service is available in around around 1F information outskirts, 2F center escalator side passage, 3F cenova kitchen (food court), 5F cenova the dining (restaurant area), 5F tax exemption counter.
For more information:

To customer with child

Rental of stroller

We accept by 1F information. (number includes limit)

Nursing room...3F west restroom, the neighborhood of 5F restroom

We install diaper spare seat, water heater for milk formula.

[guidance using 3F, 5F nursing room]
We establish nursing room in the following floors.

※1, please let me limit only woman to the use. ※2 in men's room of the adjacency of diaper switchboard there is offering.

Kids' restroom…3F west restroom

We establish one size small restroom for child.
※We install babies' keep than about half on diaper spare seat again more than one place in general restroom of each floor.

To physically disabled customer

Rental of wheelchair

We accept by 1F information. (number includes limit)

Multipurpose restroom (restroom of all)

We install in each floor of B1, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 9F.
(all five places)

It is available toward diaper substitute, one, the ostomate of wheelchair.
※We install in the Shin-Shizuoka Station yard, new Shizuoka bus terminal.

To customer accompanying guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog

Guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog can be accompanied in all facilities.
※We cannot be accompanied by pet in facility.

To female guests

Fitting board

We install convenient fitting board in two places of booths in each restroom in change of clothes.

Powder room

Powder room which can touch up its makeup while sitting down is set up by East-West restrooms of 2F. We install standing Powder space in restroom of other floors.

News of business hours
Restaurant (5F) from 11:00 to 23:00
Floor from 10:00 to 20:00 above the ground
B1 from 10:00 to 21:00

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