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NEW SHOP infiltration coverage - work notwork URBAN RESEARCH - 2015.9.19 update

In location where natural light coming in through new Shizuoka cenova 1F, the outside is impressive,
Only shop which world-famous creator dealt with, "WORK NOT WORK" opened.

Brand "WORK NOT WORK" which is expressed by traditional style of craftsman and workers who are at the beginning of the 19th to the 20th century while adding inspiration tray, original arrangement and modern essence. One of the founders Simon Taylor of creator group "Tomato studio" playing an active part based in London commands and, everywhere in shop, the view of the world has a glimpse and soaks. For example, it is his work formed with Kazuno and LED light, and chandelier of ceiling gives off presence while being familiar in shop. In addition, shop card put in store is made with traditional print technology and is full of feelings in the details.

Men's corner located near entrance offers dress item let alone casual wear. Small detail which took in scenery of the history and culture is clogged up, and individual items listen attentively to casual story of the staff unintentionally. In addition, we have product and collaboration model with other brands including 〝 porter 〟 selected in viewpoint of manufacturing, and attractive products overflow as well as original Collection.

We add ladies' corner to shop innermost, and femininity develops Collection clogged up in design which is men's like. Wearing that took in feeling of elegant drape cardigan which there is is recommended this autumn.

This season the cause of theme called "The Mariner,"
We are developing Collection which got idea from sailor and sailor appearing in story concerning the sea.
Item suggesting theme such as horizontal stripes and P-coat definitely,
We adopt print made inspire from British ship warship or railroad,
Entrapment of theme varies really.
In chasing story and mind put to such a product of one point of one point,
Hint of new discovery and wearing is found.

Moat Emoto
Set up-style which matched trouser with waistcoat of same tendencies materials is coordinates that are most suitable for the turn of the seasons having intense change of temperature. We can direct atmosphere that is Cutch re-adult when we wear jacket. Print of lining and tie of TOPS was doing knot (bowline) of rope which sailors practiced with motif and took in theme casually in season.
Shiho Kawaharazono
Concerning day of opening, we challenged slight dress-up-style with shirt + slacks. Gathers that size of the neck of shirt contained or tuck of pants bring about unique drape feeling, and they increase change in expression of clothes. Therefore foot tightens the whole by taking in black leather shoes.
Masaki Suzuki
We settled today's style being conscious of smell of chic man while being based on works tile of the 1920s. We gather up whole body in calm tone and pin the first button of shirt and enter the shirt and direct elegance by adding arrangement. In thing that we take and make how to put in and slight invention of color taste, width of works tile opens, too.

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