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Change of dress - 2016. 02.29 update from Winter to Spring - winter to spring

Is invited to warm weather in the daytime, and neighboring nature begins to color; nowadays. Many spring letters arrive and are in each shop of new Shizuoka cenova for the first time. We introduce seasonal coordinates of the cenova staff who took in new item item.

Seiko Kameyama


Underwear bottom unifies with clean KOLOR so that light overcoat of a certain springlike translucency hue shines. There are not a bit big pants which are trend of this term and thing that we are slow in total, and a feeling of beautiful drape is born. It is recommendation in scene which is gorgeous in a certain glossiness feeling of cloth and feminine silhouette.


Item to be able to put on coat which feels lightness in comfort visually for cardigan sense. In spite of being impression that is light weight, we pay attention to functionality with water-repellent effect. Because roll-up does sleeve, it is digested, and feeling, lightness are added.


Light clean coat 38,000+ yen tax
T/R jodhpurs PT 16,000+ yen tax
Georgette COMBI C/S 16,000+ yen tax
Bag belt sandals 26,000+ yen tax
ELENA ANDREOU necklace 17,000+ yen tax

※The handling of publication product is finished as soon as it becomes out of stock.
 Please refer to store for the stock situation of product.

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