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4th Anniversary snap2015.9.25 update

We reach the fourth anniversary and offer various special contents, but cannot overlook upsurge of the staff, too! New item items were received one after another, too and carried out special snap to anniversary!

There is not Miura


We gathered up the whole with calm atmosphere while taking in item which was up-and-coming Bohemian taste this season and were conscious of style that was adult. We keep tightening effect clearly by unifying black any place other than TOPS. Skirt of tight silhouette does not feel stress for cloth with elasticity.


The first place that it is easy to take in knit that trendy fringe was given the chest by amorous glances like autumn. Knitting print that struck back brings about three-dimensional impression and looks good even if we wear with one piece. When we put on outer and coat, we can insist on design casually from the chest.


Fringe reshuffling KNIT pullover 5,500+ yen tax
Kersey skirt 6,500+ yen tax

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