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POSTED DATE: 2017.9.15

Main image

Nanami Kano that model is from Shizuoka in the summer following season.
As for the state to put on autumn item including hat and book in the body lightly, and to manage, even.
By calm smile melting into gentle light,
He/she played woman who enjoyed autumn.

Stage setting "private room."
Woman who put on the autumn clothing in the body blows up pleasant image this and that in own room. In front of door following back room,
Flower zakuroyananakamadonado, autumn plant which changes color. In essence that a feeling of air which is botanikaru lets imagination of woman loose outside
It becomes.

"BOOK AND SONS" where shooting studio is typography-centered secondhand bookstore.
There were gallery space and coffee stand, too and was outstanding performance as the stage of autumn stylebook. Crimson small pretty fruit
"Princess apple." Apple is said to be true "of" wisdom. To intellectual curiosity and many women who threw various desires open,
Can enjoy the autumn clothing of cenova which is full of variety.

※Belt of model wearing is photographed by wearing upside down. We apologize for defect.

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