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POSTED DATE: 2017.9.15

Autumn item collection

Autumn item collection

Trendy KOLOR

The attention KOLOR first wants to wear KOLOR in trend only for "RED" this year in this term!
Item which is recommended to such you. When we challenge by all means, how about?

sukisukamidisukato using TC twill material. As WEST changes bag to rubber shirring, we pick, and feeling is outstanding, too. With convenient pocket. (there are mini, long length, too)
2,990+ yen tax
earth music & ecorogy
Superpremium store ☎054-266-7284
uneuneribukubu PO
2WAY type that we can use even if whichever anteroposterior is before, and width of wearing spreads through. We fall out, and silhouette with feeling and healthy neckline point.
2,300+ yen tax
Nico and ☎054-266-7247
Basic pumps
Basic item which is easy to perform styling by basic design. It is point that it is a bit big, and solid-looking heel is comfortable to walk in though we have height.
4,500+ yen tax
GLOBAL WORK ☎054-266-7397
Flower PT BLS
Blouse that large floral design that there is nostalgic feeling is impressive. One piece that frill sleeve with voluminous feel and torominoaru feel of texture are feminine. Even if as length is shortish, we match with trendy high waist◎
3,600+ yen tax
Cohen ☎054-653-6018

Challenge to KOLOR wants to adopt trend of this year in ... a little! To such you abyss KOLOR and gray item.

Off shoulder tops
Seasonal off shoulder knit comes up from quite popular million hot series. Silhouette that shoulder is covered with hearty wide rib a little. Refined skin one piece to see, and to enhance sex appeal of sega adult.
2,900+ yen tax
Rope Picnic ☎054-266-7286
Velour Malin casquette
Casquette using up-and-coming velour material of this year. Item which can create sense of the seasons casually if we take in for coordinates.
2,900+ yen tax
Nico and ☎054-266-7247
No-collar V-neck tuck blouse
Elaborately designed shirt that slight glossiness enhances femininity. One piece that decollete line looks like neatly. Styling points what it is easy to do by simple design.
4,500+ yen tax
repushiimu ☎054-266-7269
Foods Chico
Skirt with corset
Excellent item that style up effect can aim at tight skirt of impression that high waist seems to be this year. Corset is removable.
6,900+ yen tax
Who's Who Chico ☎054-266-7257
Gathers PRT blouse LS
Blouse of wrinkle-resistant rayon material. Feeling and one piece that "becomes calm", and seems to be noaru woman that it is bound softly. Repeating pattern for accent of styling.
3,000+ yen tax
GLOBAL WORK ☎054-266-7397


Trendy item

Item which we want to hold in this term. It seems to be this year at a stretch by adding trendy item to simple autumn coordinates!

COMBI Urban bag
Seem to be this year at a stretch only by trendy glen check adding to coordinates; a lot smartly. It is recommended that one with resistance tries from accessory to challenge with clothes!
14,800+ yen tax
Addiction Garbo ☎054-266-7258
Flight hat
Design that color and feel of texture get a lot of looks. Item which we want to choose in early fall when fur of moderate voluminous feel is stylish.
4,900+ yen tax
Mystic ☎054-266-7261
FF mini-basket shoulder
2WAY type that drawstring bag of boa can remove. Basket background with bulky boa is good to styling in the fall and winter.
4,300+ yen tax
Nico and ☎054-266-7247
Corduroy cap
We die, and hazu of dressy styling is recommended using trendy corduroy material of this season. Convenience item which makes seasonal atmosphere if we add to usual coordinates.
2,600+ yen tax
repushiimu ☎054-266-7269
1.Daypack (M) with CILOCALA fur
2.Daypack (XS) with CILOCALA fur
Model appears in the fall and winter from new brand "CILOCALA" which became world simultaneous sale in this February. Item that design is pretty of airy pocket bulky in the nylon body. KOLOR: White, black, pink, red, navy
M: 6,900+ yen tax
34cm *27cm *12cm (height X width X gusset)

XS: 4,900+ yen tax
21cm *17cm *8cm (height X width X gusset)
chaopanikkutipi ☎054-266-7322



The turn of the seasons wants to transform itself into autumnal scenery by make, and skin is apt to become unstable, too. We introduce unmissable cosmetics and skin care product this autumn.

1.In tense outlet rate
Of "at a stretch tension aging care concentration liquid cosmetics of the highest peak that developed to strongly raise from the cause of "tension" to top." <new sale long-awaited on September 13>
14,000+ yen tax
2.In tense cream
The Japanese-to-English best cosmetic 14 crown. Raise a feeling of tension from base with skin plumply, and rebuild damage to skin from the origin; and to skin filled with moisture. <bestseller>
12,000+ yen tax
niruzuyadoremedizu ☎054-266-7195
1.200 ml of AQ emulsion ER
2.200 ml of AQ lotion ER
3.40 ml of oil infusions
9/16 DECORTÉAQ debut "skin can still change. Skin care in pursuit of ". Comfort and skin effect to work on skin and brain. We present "AQ cleansing cream" "AQ washing cream" (for each 15 g) with set toward two articles of purchase among products targeted for "new AQ debut campaign".
10,000+ yen tax
Cosmetic INDEX ☎054-254-7120
1.SHISEIDO Cle de Peau Bothe
Rouge Allee Bour n (all 12 colors)
Luxury rouge to show beautiful impression to skin while growing to bound, and showing light color and delicate luster, lips if smart.
6,000+ yen tax
2.SHISEIDO Cle de Peau Bothe
Omber poodle solo (two colors of new colors)
Single Powder eye shadow which gorgeous color and fascinating feel of a material impress with eye splendidly.
3,800+ yen tax
fushimiya ☎054-255-0589
Tree of life
1.Shea butter hand cream
20 g of Rose, 60 g
We use damask rose essential oil from Bulgaria. Veil of gorgeous flavor wraps up hand.
20 g: 1,000+ yen tax 
60 g: 1,800+ yen tax
2.Shea butter hand cream
karendura 20 g, 60 g
When damage by drying is particularly severe, it is recommended. Flavor is ◎. with no fragrance in one that we do not like
20 g: 900+ yen tax 
60 g: 1,800+ yen tax
(20 g is different from Rose in the price of karendura.)
Tree of life ☎054-266-7268

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