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POSTED DATE: 2017.12.1

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Nanami Kano that model is from Shizuoka sequentially.
With gorgeous smile not to be defeated by big bouquet of Christmas KOLOR which we made for this shooting,
It was impressive and played woman that it looked like we were in high spirits who went to wait with important person.

Stage setting "favorite street corner."
Woman who lets coat stream with bouquet lightly, and walks.
It is shooting that we aim at so-called magic hour. Time of fantastic, beautiful dim light which day falls, and there is immediately only for approximately dozens of minutes.
In mysterious light not to be able to be called lunch either, we were able to project calm beauty of winter woman at night.

The appearance of studio which arranged old warehouse is like atmospheric European street corner.
Decoration of tree glittering to streetlight warm and signboard, window of Belgian beer creates Christmas season.
Woman who walks by brisk walk on stone pavement where there is atmosphere of the Middle Ages. shimininaruyona comfortable story of there
We were finished visually. You can feel to women whom you do not entrust with happiness to yearn for somebody, and to go for
It be Christmas.

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